The Agony of Da Feet

I spoke (or blogged, I suppose) too soon. It turns out I am having problems with the Windowpane pattern. I just started working on the gusset, and realized as I was knitting across the top of the foot that the colors weren't lining up. Apparently, although I thought I understood what "pick up the 17th stitch in the last sole stitch so the colors line up" (paraphrasing, as I don't have the pattern here with me) meant, I actually didn't. As far as I can tell, the only way to fix this is to rip back and redo all that stitch picking up. I haven't knit far beyond that, so it's not much to undo, but given my oft-cited tendency to drop stitches when I rip out rows, I really really don't want to. Sigh. It looks like these socks are on hold, and I certainly won't be finishing them within the alloted KAL time. Boo. Sadly, I considered just giving up entirely, but I spent quite a bit of money on the Lorna's Laces (and I do like the way they look). So for now, it's just a hiatus (of undetermined length).

I expect several readers are in the midst of Secret Pal eleventy bajillion or whatever number they're on--I somehow always miss the Secret Pal sign up, and spend the next few months overcome by random waves of jealousy whenever I see someone post a Secret Pal questionnaire on his/her blog. But, as luck would have it, I was browsing groups on Ravelry yesterday (un-joining a few I wasn't particularly active in and joining a few others) and I came across the Secret Pal-esque Falling for Ewe Autumn Yarn Swap, featuring packages of yarn-y goodness in September, October and November. Can't wait to get started! Hopefully this will brighten up my fall, which isn't looking too great at this point--the business trip to Peru that I was initially excited about has been pushed back to October, and I'm quite bummed about it. October is my favorite month, so I don't want to miss almost 2 weeks of it, not to mention I'll now be spending my birthday in Lima. Grump.