on the road again . . .

Yes, I'm about to leave you once again. I'll be at Deep Creek lake (Maryland), trying to survive 4 days with my in-laws. Wish me luck. I was looking forward to days of swimming and laying in the sun, but as it turns out, it's significantly cooler out in the mountains--the highs are in the 70s--so it may not actually be bathing suit weather. Sigh. I feel like this type of cozy mountain getaway would be better in the fall, but I'll just have to make the best of it. Even if one of the amenities listed for our rental is a CASSETTE DECK (western Maryland is just light years ahead of us city folk!).

I'll be taking the front of Josephine with me to work on, particularly on the 3 hour drive to and from (can I finish it in time to wear at our bbq next weekend? Ha!). Here's the completed back:

Yesterday my Lotus Blossom made her public debut at my friend Catherine's engagement party, and she held up quite well! No stretching or drooping, and I received loads of compliments from friends who couldn't believe I had knit her. Yay!

And if anyone feels the need to adopt a kitten or 2 in about 8 weeks, one of my mom's cats gave birth to these little darlings yesterday:

OK, so day old kittens aren't so cute, but in about 2 weeks they'll be so adorable you'll be driving down (over, up) to Maryland at top speed so you can adopt them.