how does your garden grow?

Just a few yarn pictures to drool over:

Queensland Kathmandu DK in pink beige, for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Lava, for the Henley Perfected

I also want to show off some non-knitting productiveness: my garden!
Here's the view of my garden from our deck. That tangled mess of growth in the back is my tomato plants. Unfortunately we bought cages far too small. Then we tried to switch the cage for the tomatillo plant last weekend, and I think we killed it in the process. :(

On the plus side, there are actual tomatoes growing on the tomato plants!

And a few tomatillos as well (I already harvested my first one, but there's nothing you can really do with one tomatillo; if I get a bunch, I'll make salsa verde):
I've also already harvested about 2 cups worth of basil leaves and made a batch of pesto. It was delicious. Sadly, my cilantro isn't doing as well:
It just got too hot, too fast here this year for cilantro to grow well--it bolts once the weather warms up. I'll try again later in the summer, and perhaps work on growing some indoors as well. I've also got some pepper plants out there, and they're growing, but I see only 2 actual itty bitty peppers. :(

I planted some broccoli today, which, if it grows, should be ready to eat around mid-September. Once we get back from our first vacation in late July I'll plant some more broccoli, as well as some spinach and a salad mix that I thought looked good. I also picked up some pumpkin seeds (just for the little decorative ones), so once the veggies are done for the year, I think I'll throw them in the garden and see what happens.

I'm really not much of a gardener, although I do much better with outdoor plants than indoor plants, which always wind up dead. But I really like growing my own veggies. When we have a "real" house with a yard larger than a matchbook, I will definitely expand my gardening, and the first thing I'll plant will be blueberry bushes. You just can't have too many blueberries.

Only a few more days until I leave for the Bahamas--and I have to fly alone! I'm getting there a day early so I can ensure that everything is prepared for our meeting. I've never flown alone, I'm a bit nervous. I've printed out the TSA list of allowed items that clearly states that knitting needles are permitted, so I'm planning to bring something to work on--just not sure what yet.

OK, next time something about actual knitting projects!