patting myself on the back!

Remember a couple months ago when I mentioned the All Raveled Up Sock Club Contest being held by Blue Hands Fibers? Probably not. But I did mention that I had entered the contest, and I'm so excited to tell you that I won! Hurrah! An All Raveled Up Sock Club just for me! It has been a looooooong week at work (worked last the last 3 nights, and my brain hurts from trying to translate money laundering legal speak into English), so this was a greatly needed surprise. You can read my winning essay on the Blue Hands Fibers blog, if you're inclined to subject yourself to more of my overwrought prose, and visit the Etsy shop to see some of the gorgeous yarn!

More kinda good news: this weekend is MD Sheep and Wool! But alas (as I actually mention in my essay), I don't have any real life knitting buddies because my job + commute doesn't afford me much time for knitting meet ups. So I have no one to go to S+W with. :( Should I drag the husband? Or go it alone? Sigh.