just another manic monday . . .

Yippie, my first sock club yarn has arrived!!! Squuuuueeeeaaaal!

Photo shamelessly stolen from ikisti on Ravelry because my camera is MIA. Thanks!
Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s so soft and squishy too. As soon as I finish about a billion other projects, this will be on the needles. It’s called “Mascot,” inspired by Ravelry’s dear Bob, and, I assume, the pink Rav logo (unless Bob has some pink spots unnatural to Boston Terriers). Luuuuurv it.

Actual knitting—not going that well. I feel like I’ve learned so much since I started knitting, but I’m still so slow. It’s incredibly frustrating to knit for 20 minutes and only get through 4 rows—purl rows are especially slow going, but unfortunately not everything can be knit in the round (unless you're one of those brave souls willing to cut up your knitting--I am decidedly not). I didn’t finish anything this weekend, although I did manage to buy buttons for the sweater and bootees, so I guess that’s something. I brought my knitting to the baseball game Saturday night (GO Os! Beat the Expos—er, I mean, Nationals!), but couldn’t quite work up the nerve to knit through the game—people already stare at me for mouthing off to the opposing team fans, I don’t necessarily need to attract more attention. And the game ultimately got really exciting (read: nervewracking), so I doubt I would’ve accomplished much anyway. I'll save baseball game knitting for Stitch N Pitch.

Math also apparently isn’t my strong suit. I somehow managed to vastly underestimate the amount of yarn I needed for the personalized baby blanket. And every day that passes, the chance increases that Susana will pop out her baby and move back to Spain, so I don’t really have time to order more yarn from KnitPicks. So I’m cutting about 50 rows out of the blanket. I’m annoyed, but it’s really the only option available to me—the blanket will still wind up more than large enough to accommodate a newborn, but will probably be more like a handkerchief once she’s a toddler. Sigh.

I got the ball of Valley Yarns Southwick so I can finish LBT. Of course, I had no intention of paying WEBS $6 to ship me one ball of yarn, but since I’m now spending half my paycheck on gas (ok, not really, but it sure feels like it), I didn’t want to go overboard buying tons of yarn that won't be used for months. So I opted for eight skeins of Classic Elite Four Seasons in very berry (70% cotton, 30% wool, worsted). Any ideas what I should do with it? I’m thinking maybe a short- or three-quarter-length sleeved cardigan . . . I have my eye on Something Red, but, well, I’m cheap, so I’d prefer to knit from a pattern I already own.

And a side note: for the knitters who love to read, and perhaps are bored at work (::waves::), I came across this site where you can read books online—some are even available in PDF, so you can download them to your computer. I’m currently trying to look busy by reading Sense and Sensibility.