it's a memorial day miracle!

First, just a random knitting-related photo:

Mrs. Stitch Goes to Washington

Here's how I spent lunch on Friday. A friend and I usually eat lunch outside together in this spot when it's warm, but she had meetings, so since I was dining solo, I decided I should knit as well. It was a lovely plan, until a couple with kids decided that the rest of the DC metro area was insufficient for their needs, and parked themselves 10 feet from me in order to change a diaper. Honestly, I attract people; a few weeks ago a random guy decided he needed to do yoga 5 feet from me. It's a big park, people, not to mention a big city--be weird elsewhere!!!

Ok, now on to the real knitting. And here we go with the miracle: Malenita's gifts are done! And it's a good thing too, because Susi's last day in the office is Tuesday.

February Baby Sweater:

Saartje's Bootees:

Personalized Baby Blanket:

Sweater and bootees are done in Knit Picks Swish DK in Petal and used less than 3 skeins total; blanket is Knit Picks Main Line in Antique Rose. Only mods were shortening the blanket because I didn't buy enough yarn (only 7 skeins), and it still came out a good size despite dropping about 50 rows.

I have 2 skeins of the Swish left, so I'm entertaining the idea of knitting this baby sweater and giving it to anyone I know who has a baby girl.

Now, some good news about work, for a change. Originally Susi was planning to come back after her maternity leave, but it turns out her husband was offered a great job back in Spain, so she's actually going to move back home instead. And it seems my boss has, as I hoped, decided that I can start taking over some of Susi's work. It's somewhat hard to explain what kind of work I'll be doing without going into a long, drawn out story about how our team works, but basically each person on the team is responsible for working with a particular set of countries, and I'll be taking over 2 of Susi's countries to get my feet wet. And my boss has asked me to go with the team to Peru in September! (I've already been to Peru, so that part isn't novel, but being asked to participate in a meeting abroad is significant--sadly I will not be going to our meetings in the Bahamas and Panama in July, though :( ) So, things are looking up at work, although if gas gets much more expensive, I don't think I'll be able to afford a job . . .

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!