size does matter

No, I didn't make the entire Hemlock debacle up as one very disappointing PR scheme, and here's the proof!
Yes, this wrinkled mess is, in fact, a blanket. Obviously it is in desperate need of blocking, but I've yet to locate a cat-free surface of the appropriate dimensions for doing so. I think I'll need at least 2 more boxes of pins, too. So for now it remains carefree in its natural form. I'm amazed that it's done, it took me nearly as long to bind off as it did to knit the thing in the first place!

So now I've just got LBT and Pomatomus on the needles. I should be casting on for another gift project (a bit late, too, since April's over halfway gone), but I've run into a dilemma. First, I need my size 2s for Josh's socks, and they're busy with the Po-Po. Heh. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to by an extra set, but, well, I just don't feel like it.

I was thinking my April and May gifts could trade places, so I glanced at my gift list to see what I've got coming up and find Motorcycle Chica Gloves. Apparently when I saw these gloves in Interweave, I thought they'd be great for my Dad, who at one point owned a motorcycle and seemingly still believes that he may one day own another. And while I still think he would like them, I'm concerned that some delusions of grandeur may have befuddled me when I put this list together. The pattern in IK is for a woman's medium, so if I want to knit them in a man's large, I'm going to have to do some drastic resizing. And I don't have the first clue how to go about doing that. Not even an inkling. I know this is an opportunity to demonstrate "fearless knitting" spirit, but I am a woman of very limited patience. "Trial and error" does not appeal to me; I'm more a "trial and success," or "trial and give up" kind of girl. Sigh.