for the love of the game

It's not often I can combine knitting with my other loves/hobbies--knitting + drinking wine usually doesn't result in the most orderly looking FOs, i've yet to master knitting and reading simultaneously, and i'm bad enough at Civilization IV without adding knitting to the mix. But, as the days grow warmer, I have a fantastic knitting event to look forward to: Stitch N Pitch! Now here is a great combo, knitting + baseball. Who would've thought? Orioles Stitch N Pitch is July 19 (don't even talk to me about the Nationals; my loyalty is to the one and only Os, and I will be setting foot in Nationals Park just once this year, to watch the Os/Nats game on June 28), so buy your tickets here for $13 + a bunch of exorbitant fees, or check the list of LYSs selling tix. I don't have any IRL knitting buddies (::tear::), so I'll be dragging Josh along, but hopefully we'll meet some new friends there.

Ravelers, I want to make sure you know about this other cyber event going on, Ravelraiser 08. For every $10 you donate through May 2, you'll be entered in a drawing for some great prizes, so check it out!

In knitting news, well, nothing much. If I'm especially dedicated, I might finish Hemlock this weekend--I've already done 2 repeats beyond Jared's original pattern, but since I left out a few rows of st st along the way, I'll do 1 or 2 more (still plenty of yarn left) to ensure the blanket actually ends up blanket-sized.

I've been knitting the Lotus Blossom Tank on the Metro. So far so good, no screw ups or curious questions from the myriad tourists who insist on riding during rush hour (and next week the Pope is coming to town, which means even more tourists. Joy.).