yarny goodness

Didn't do much knitting this week, as I'm sick (of course! damn airplanes! they're just giant germ incubators!) and we had some meetings at work that required a few extra hours there (boo! I haven't mentioned it recently, but in case you were wondering, I'm still pretty unhappy with my job, even if someone did give me a delicious alfajor yesterday). But yesterday I came home to a box full of knitting wonderfulness that I must share with you:

This is my goodie package from my sock knitters swap, courtesy of Raveler CottonTheAct, whose name amuses me to no end (I'm a sucker for creative names--my favorite restaurant in Ocean City, for example, is called Tequila Mockingbird.). I got 2 lovely skeins of sock yarn, some hot cocoa, some chocolates, some cutesy sock shaped point protectors (I sent the same ones to my buddy!), some stitch markers and a travel journal, which I especially appreciate because I was annoyed that I didn't remember to buy one for Costa Rica (and refused to pay the outrageous sum they were charging for one at the hotel gift shop). CottonTheAct's kitty Gizmo also sent some homegrown catnip to my cats, which they've been quite enjoying--especially Dory, who I fear may need some kind of 12 step program. I'm so happy to have some sock yarn in my stash--I might finally knit a pair for myself.
Still working on the gentleman's socks, should be done this week. I'm supposed to start the Hemlock Ring Blanket in March, I need to order a cable for my options set so I can get started!