Since I concluded in my last post that I had no immediate need to shop for yarn, I'm sure you've deduced that that's exactly what I did. I was pretty psyched to find Silky Wool in Lava at Lavender & Peonies on super sale ($4.79 or so per skein), but alas, she emailed me after I placed the order to inform me that they'd run out (well, OK, they had 5 skeins left, but I need at least 7, so that does me no good; I have no desire to play the "I'm sure this dye lot will magically match!" game). So the search continues.

Still plugging away at Pomatomus and Hemlock, but of course I'm at work, so no pictures. Speaking of work, my boss is yet again out of town--along with the rest of my team--and yet again left me no work to do. I am SO bored. I wish I had my own office, I would just shut the door and knit the day away. But no, I have a cube in a high traffic area, not to mention a cube-mate (an intern who probably has more responsibilities than I do). Sigh.