WIP it good

I was hoping for a big FO post, but alas, Mrs. Darcy is not done. I didn't have much time for knitting this week, so I still have the 2nd sleeve to do. So I guess next weekend is the new goal.
I do have pics of two other WIPs, though. First, the Ridged Helmet Hat--the hat part is done, now I need to add the earflaps:

And another project that I'm brushing the dust off of, the Gentleman's Socks that I originally started before Christmas for my grandfather:

I can't recall if I mentioned in a previous post the unspeakably tragic and stupid mistake I made in converting this pattern from 2 circs to DPNs--I took me about 10 rows or so, somehow, to realize that I was placing the decreases along the SOLE of the sock, rather than in the ankle area. Sigh. So I had to rip back 10 rows, and it took me a while to develop the nerve to do it. I detest frogging, not because I can't come to terms with my own mistakes, but because I can't seem to do it without losing stitches, which creates an even bigger mess, tangles upon tangles of yarn, and often tears, accompanied by yelling at Josh, who couldn't possibly be at fault. But I bit the bullet last night, and it actually went quite well, nary a stitch was lost.
The reason the socks are coming out of the "zzzzzz" pile is that, in keeping with my knitting resolution to do at least 1 project per month (minus January and December) for Christmas 08, I've been planning out projects and drawing up a little schedule over the last week, and this is the first gift up to bat. (I figured I'd start off slow and finish a half-done gift, since February is a short month and, HURRAH!, I'll be in Costa Rica for a week as well). I've got some fun patterns picked out for the year, including Brooklyn Tweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket, Henley Perfected from Interweave, the ever-popular Monkey socks, and the autumnal Foliage hat, and hopefully I'm not being overly-ambitious.