heart rate returns to normal

OK, so I had a bit of a panic attack yesterday about the set-in sleeves. Honestly, who wouldn't? Sleeves are a fairly essential part of any sweater worth its salt, so the prospect of a sleeveless sweater (which, let's face it, is a tank top, and nothing more--and what purpose would a wool/alpaca tank top serve?) had me a bit on edge. But I eventually calmed down, regrouped, and got to work. Here's what I came up with:
It's clearly not perfect, but that's not too bad, right? (I'm torn here between wanting real constructive criticism or unwarranted accolades to boost my self-confidence. . . ) The other side looks almost identical, right down to the part at the top, where I think I started seaming under a different row of stitches. Oops. Set-in sleeves are hard. After the trauma of the sleeves, I had no energy for the rest of the finishing, so there's more work to do yet, including finding appropriate buttons. Looks like I won't be wearing this sweater until we get back from Costa Rica--which is too bad, because it's a balmy 25 degrees here today, with a windchill of 17, and I could use an extra layer.