holly jolly knitting gifts

Functioning under the cloud of the post-Christmas grumps, I neglected to mention in my last post the fantastic knitting gifts Santa left for me this year!

Let's see . . . I got Son of Stitch 'N Bitch, which has some great patterns, but unfortunately the sweater I love most is a crochet pattern. I don't crochet. So boo. Also, I can't for the life of me figure out why the title of this book isn't Son of a Stitch. I mean, isn't that the obvious name for this particular sequel? I find it to be such a glaringly perfect name that I keep instinctively calling the book Son of a Stitch anyway. I'll probably be using this one to make next year's gifts for hubby and Dad (unless Brooklyn Tweed publishes a pattern for Big Blue before then--gorgeous sweater, I can already see my Dad wearing it!).

I also got this cute project bag.

I think "Santa" is tired of me leaving my knitting projects all over the house for people to sit on. . . . This bag is nice and roomy, with lots of pockets, and most importantly, handles, so I can tote it all over the house, car, subway, whatever.

My stocking was stuffed with a few goodies too:

And I got myself a post-Christmas gift--a set of drawers to store my stash!

Prior to this, I was just keeping my yarn in the cardboard boxes Knit Picks shipped it in. This is certainly neater, though not perhaps the most fashionable, decorating-wise.

And, last but not least, just before Christmas I got this beautiful gift from Gary, my Knit It Forward swapper and author of the Knitta' Pleez blog:

I love the yarn, it's almost like tissue paper, and it's pretty cozy too! I know a good blogger would take a picture of herself wearing the scarf, but I am not currently appropriately groomed for photos, so this is all you get for now. ;o)

Still undecided on the cardigan . . .