Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

. . . since I'm a day late for Halloween. Hope everyone had a fun holiday and no one has slipped into a sugar-induced coma. We have a decent amount of leftover candy, unfortunately. Sometimes it seems that I do nothing but eat between Halloween and Christmas.
On the knitting front, no real news to report, but thanks for all the nice comments on the Brea Bag. I have yet to ship it off to my ahijada, because I might get a chance to see her this weekend in person (she doesn't live all that far away, but she is a gymnast, so she spends most of her free time trying not to crack her head open while tumbling from balance beams, uneven bars and the like). I did cast on for Cobblestone, but so far I've only knit about an inch--it's hard to find time and space away from hubby to knit. I'm annoyed with myself for adding stripes to my sister's scarf, because now it's too cumbersome to take with me to knit on the Metro. Which is really a shame, because apparently the people running Metro have decided that a functioning subway system is completely unnecessary for the Washington, D.C. area--twice this week I've been stuck on the train for an hour while the brainwashed conductor tried to convince all passengers that we were experiencing a "minor delay." Hah!

Anyway, completely unrelated, all of Avon's cute Christmas-y stuff is now available, so check it out, and if you make a purchase, use code REPFS for free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.