coming down from the yarn high

I'm still intermittently giddy about my big yarn colorway achievement, but it's time to regroup and focus on actual holiday projects. All of which I'm way behind on. Why? Well, I'll tell you:
Cobblestone: I can't knit it in front of hubby, obviously, so I'm stuck knitting it in our empty guest room. It gets a little boring. It occurs to me, though, that we have a portable DVD player and I still haven't finished watching my Sabrina the Teenage Witch season 2 DVD set--er, I mean, my set of DVDs for, uh . . . some way cooler show . . . yeah . . . so perhaps I should bring that in the room.
Also, I'm still waiting for my Knit Picks order with the needles for the sleeves. I placed it on Sunday, and it just shipped today. I emailed them yesterday because they're usually so prompt, and got a "well, it's the holidays" email in response. Yes, exactly, Knit Picks, it is the holidays. Which means we're all busy knitting gifts, and we need you to stay on the ball and mail out the requisite yarn!
Gentleman's Socks: I mentioned in my last email that the pattern is written for knitting on 2 circs, which I don't have, so that snafu stalled my knitting plans while I looked around for a new pattern. But then the pattern author was kind enough to send me a message about how to adapt the pattern. So now I'm finally ready to get started.
House Slippers: These slippers are 2 different colors, and need to be knit with three strands of yarn held together. But I've got 2 skeins of 1 color, and 1 skein of the other color, leading to an obvious dilemma: how to come up with 3 strands of each color. The pattern, fortunately contains some instructions for winding a 3 strand ball and they worked well for the 2 skein color. But the instructions for the single skein involes weighing out the yarn--I don't own a scale, and frankly, I don't have the patience for that kind of nonsense. So I'm stuck again. :o(