better late than never . . .

It's so obnoxious when someone says they're going to do something, and then they don't do it, isn't it? In my defense, I've been sick (and, while usually my colds clear up after a couple days, I don't really seem to be improving at all. Grrrr.). But, finally, here are the slippers! And, since it's been decades since my last blog, I've actually done the felting, so we have before and after photos!

BEFORE (modeled by Nelly):


No major problems with felting, although it's not the most fun thing I've ever done. I've seen centipedes the size of garden snakes in our laundry room, so I don't really relish hanging out down there for extended periods of time, not to mention intermittently plunging my hands into a washing machine full of sudsy, scalding water while praying my constant stopping and starting cycles doesn't break the damn thing . . . But the important thing is, the slippers came out what I think is the right size, although the slipper on the left seems to be a slightly odd shape (narrower). I'm going to add a few adornments before I call them done--felted holly leaves and some red "berries."
I've also managed to (nearly) complete another project! I've finished the project for my swap buddy--just needs to be blocked. I don't want to go into too much detail until she gets her gift, but this was my first experience with color work. It was . . . something of a challenge. First, I simply didn't have time to teach myself to knit two handed, so I opted for the slower method of tangling up both skeins in my right hand. (I WILL teach myself two-handed stranding after the holidays!). I finished the project fairly quickly despite that, but I soon discovered that I didn't make the floats loose enough. Sigh. So I had to frog about half the project and start over. Fortunately my second go went more smoothly. It's still not perfect, but at least she'll actually be able to put it on now.
No progress on Cobblestone. I really need to get to work! I think I'm going to start bringing the sleeves on Metro.