Happy Birthday to Me . . .

It has been quite a knit-ish birthday. Saturday my big Knit Picks order arrived, so my first gift (to myself) was a giant box full of yarn and my Options set. I've already broken it out and started using it for the Grownup Bonnet, and am amazed at how vastly superior these needles are to the other sub-par circ I have used. Here's a photo of my yarn (I'm guessing most people reading this have the Options set or something similar, so you don't need a photo of it):

My sister has promised me a gift certificate to a LYS, and hubby gave me this great knitting organizer this morning:

So, I hesitate to say, I think I'm set with knitting supplies for a while!

A little project update, here's what Brea looks like:
Inside out, obviously, I've got the lining partially in, but I've got a lot of fabric left on the sides and I'm trying to figure out how to get it in in the least bunchy way possible. So far, not much luck, but I'm not a sewer, so I really need to avoid any unnecessary seams. Still needs handles and a button, too. I made a good faith effort to crochet the top edges, but it looked a mess, and I didn't think it added much to it, so I pulled it out and left the bound off edges. I'm sure if you know how to crochet, it's worth it, but I saw no reason to ruin an otherwise lovely project with shoddy crocheting.