a variety of things . . .

First, I realized that the pic of the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet was, well, garbage, so here's another one:

This turned out a bit smaller than I had hoped, unfortunately. It's still wearable, but I think the lesson I'm learning is that I must do a gauge swatch. Which I HATE. Gah!
I've also cast on for the Grownup Bonnet, which basically starts out as a scarf, so it's not particularly exciting:

This also seems small--I think it should be wider. It certainly looks wider in the pictures in Knit Two Together. So I guess I'm a tight knitter. I'm on the fence about re-starting; there's really no such thing as a "wrong" size scarf, but this is for me and I personally think I would like it to be wider.
It's hard to tell in the pic, but this yarn is beautiful. It's Swish Superwash from Knit Picks (of course!), a heathered mahogany with a gorgeous mix of browns and reds. I can't wait to wear it!
I discovered that I already have some good yarn for the Brea Bag (2 skeins of a heathered blue Cascade 220 that I randomly picked up at the Celtic Knot Yarn Shop a few weeks ago), but it's supposed to be knit on 9s, which I'm using for the Bonnet; I could probably just bump up to 10s, since, as we've just discussed, I'm a tight knitter. But then, if I decide to start the Bonnet over, I should probably jump to 10s for that . . . oh, knitting dilemmas, you make my life a misery!
No, knitting is never a misery. But you know what is? My job. I know, I just started. And, I know, it took me forever to find a job. But I have a Masters degree, dammit, I shouldn't be spending my days making photocopies!!! It's so frustrating, especially since several of my friends have also recently completed Masters degrees and their new jobs are sending them to places like Bolivia (dream! I would love to go there!) and India, while I spend my days wrangling the copy machine. I'm hoping (hope hope hope) that once our big meeting is finished in 2 weeks, my tasks will improve significantly. But I already know that everyone in my section (6 people) is going to Colombia in November--except for me. I just get to help with travel arrangements. So, it is becoming increasingly apparent that while my job title is "specialist," I'm really a glorified program assistant. And there's nothing wrong with being a program assistant, but 1.) I already did that for 2 years before grad school and 2.) I am, frankly, overqualified for such a job. Maybe that sounds snotty, but I put a lot of time and effort (and money; oh so much money) into graduate school, and I think I deserve a job on par with my experience and . . . vast wisdom (heh! Just kidding about that last thing!).
Speaking of jobs, I have another job, of sorts. It's really more of a hobby. I am an "Avon lady." I'm sure many of you think Avon is nothing but blue eyeshadow and Skin So Soft, but it's really a very contemporary brand (mineral makeup, anti-aging skincare, self-tanning lotion that's suspiciously similar to the super-popular Jergens Natural Glow). I actually became a rep because I liked their products so mucy, as well as their stance against animal testing--as a salesperson, I get a nice discount. :o) So, if you haven't given Avon a look in a while, I encourage you to click on that little icon on the sidebar that says, "Hi, I'm the Avon lady," which will take you to my Avon website. And I would definitely encourage you to check out the mark. line, which is my personal favorite.