the let down . . .

So, I was forewarned about this in many a knitting book, but still, I wasn't prepared for it: that feeling you get when people don't appreciate your knitted gifts "enough."
I finished the Guitar Man Socks on Sunday, after feverishly knitting them for 2 straight weeks, breaking mostly for work and sleep. I picked these socks for my Dad because 1.) they're cool and 2.) they're called "guitar man socks." I thought that was a sign. My Dad has played guitar in various church "folk" groups for my whole life. We don't think it's a party until Dad has serenaded everyone with a raucous version of The Kingston Trio's "MTA." He even taught me to play guitar and gave me the guitar I now own. So, in short, Dad is the consumate guitar man. When I found the pattern, I knew these were his socks.
I gave him the socks on Sunday. He was appreciative. He said thank you and commented that they were "very nice." And then he wrapped them back up and put them back in the gift bag. He did not try them on. He did not comment on the many hours I put into them. He did not marvel at the stitch pattern. In short, he reacted as if I'd purchased a pair of socks and given them to him instead of slaving over 2 and a half balls of yarn for weeks to craft a pair of lovingly handknit socks. Boo.
Obviously my Dad could not know that many hours and calamities and do-overs that went into the socks. He does not know that I think I've given myself carpal tunnel syndrome, or that the tip of my left index finger is now calloused from repeatedly jamming a knitting needle into it. And, since he's not a knitter, he can't possibly know just how complicated socks are. But still. I am a little disappointed in his non-reaction. Which I know is silly, but, well, I can't change the way I feel.
Stitch N Bitch is right, save your difficult knitting projects for your knitting friends who can really appreciate the effort!
Incidentally, sock#2 went off without a hitch--not one problem. I got the right and wrong sides correct, it turned out the same size as the first sock, there was no frogging. I even picked up the stitches and did the gusset perfectly--no little hole!
Now I can focus completely on Chapeau Marnier, which I'll also be knitting feverishly. Once that's done, maybe I'll finally be able to knit at a leisurely pace again!