capelet or not . . .

it's done! This was such a quick knit, I didn't really have time to do pics of it in progress, so here it is blocking.

I really think it's more a shrug than a capelet, but let's not get bogged down in semantics. Whatever you might call it, it's cozy and comfy. You might note that it's quite similar to the One Skein Shrug I did a few months ago, with a few key differences: 1.) it's larger, 2.) it has "real" sleeves and 3.) it's not for me. This is for my sister, for either Christmas or her birthday. I hope she likes it. I picked a reddish brown color that's fairly neutral so it should go with most outfits, and the yarn is wool and alpaca, so it's warm, but not itchy (it is, of course, from Knit Picks. Yes, it seems that most of my yarn is from Knit Picks. Why? Because I'm cheap.).
I'm not sure what project to work on next. I have a few items on deck for myself, but with holidays around the corner, I think I need to really start focusing on gift knitting. I'm going to sit down with some knitting books tonight and try to pick out some projects for my family. A rockin' Saturday night, I know! But I'll also be watching "Before the Dinosaurs," drinking wine and eating lemon bars--could my life be more exciting?!?