back in the saddle

Thank you all for your nice comments about Chapeau. I hope when my swap buddy gets the hat, she will send me pics of her wearing the hat so I can share those. I really thought it was a great project, so if you're considering it, DO IT!
After a very brief (one day) respite from knitting, I cast on for the Anthropologie-inspired Capelet on Sunday. I had a few false starts (apparently I didn't actually know how to do YOs in purl stitch--hmph. But I do now), but now things are going smoothly. I'm using a bulky yarn and size 11 needles--which seems enormous after knitting the socks on size 1s and the hat on size 2s--so it's knitting up very quickly.
In other news, I had the most ridiculous morning. I put on a cute dress I purchased earlier this summer--it's a little summer-y, but with a cardigan and professional-looking shoes, I thought it would work for work--and proceeded to attempt to go to work. I wanted to leave early because it's a rainy day, and as MD/DC-ites know, it only takes a single errant drop of water falling from the sky to back up all major roadways for days. Unfortunately for me, the dress wasn't having it. I got in the car, and one strap broke. Grrrr. I ran inside and identified the problem--they are adjustable straps, and the strap had just slipped out of the ring attaching it to the back of the dress. I put it back in the ring, but it almost instantly slipped out again--I guess the ring has loosened up and now it's not tight enough to keep the strap from slipping out. Fantastic.
Then I decided I would pin the strap to the back of the dress. I ran out to the car again--it was now raining steadily, of course--got behind the wheel, and--snap! snap!--both straps broke! Seriously, dress?!? I felt like I was in a bad commercial for a low-budget tailor. Same deal, nothing ripped, the straps just decided they no longer wanted anything to do with the rings holding them in place. I must have looked ridiculous, running to and from the house with various parts of my clothing blowing in the breeze. My husband, by the way, was a huge help, standing in the dining room looking confused, then calmly bending down to pick up the keys I flung on the floor in frustration. After a second temper tantrum, I finally just threw on some other clothes that happened to be ironed, and left. Sigh.
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