knitting knowledge

I come to you during my lunch hour (it's far, far too hot and humid and generally revolting to venture outside for lunch), but I may disappoint some as I don't have much to share. I've knit a few more inches of the A.S.S., but nothing very exciting.
However, I have been somewhat (ok, profoundly and irritatingly) bored at work most of this week (I appreciate them starting me off slow, but really, I'd rather be busy than left staring at my cube partition for 7 hours straight), so I've been doing a lot of reading about knitting. And I wanted to share with you some great ideas and tips I've come across.
Here's a great collection of bind offs from Knitty. And even more.
And, while we're at it, a variety of cast ons, too.
Here's the craziest damn sock knitting gambit I've ever come across.
Here's some great info on not accidently destroying your knitting by attempting to clean it.
As you can see, there all come from I love Knitty's patterns, but the "Features," which are often overlooked, include bunches of great articles (all the back issues are available) on techniques, tips and tricks, etc.
I didn't manage to find, however, what I was originally looking for: some kind of easy-as-pie tutorial, and maybe a swatch or sampler to go with it, on Fair Isle--something like Silver's sock class. Ah, well.
Ok, I do actually have some work to do today, so I should get back to it. Tonight when I get home, I'm planning to join the second ball of yarn to the A.S.S. front and at least knit up to the armhole decreases. I'm afraid I won't get much knitting in this weekend--I've got a wedding tomorrow night, then a weekend trip to the beach with my parents, so I can't exactly be knitting their gifts right in front of them. I may cast on Chapeau Marnier so I can knit in the car, it's a 2.5 hour drive to la playa . . .