knitting: the cause of and solution to all of life's problems

Hmm, maybe Homer actually said that about alcohol . . .
I think I'm starting to develop a knitblogger inferiority complex. I've been reading so many knitting blogs recently (I need to update my blogroll so I can share some good ones!), and finding people who are producing the most amazing stuff, and I can't get through a simple ribbed sleeveless shell without drama. I'm just so eager to be one of those knitters, and instead I'm this knitter: slow, and mostly confused. Boo. I know I'm being ridiculous, given that I just started knitting in January and many knitbloggers I come across have been knitting since they were in utero, but I'm just not a very patient person. I want to be an awesome knitter, and I want to be one NOW!
On to the actual knitting: I got some knitting done on the drive this weekend, though I still haven't started either my Dad's socks or Chapeau Marnier--I really need to get my act together. I've finished the armhole decreases on the front of the A.S.S. and they look infinitely better than the back. I still don't know if they're "right," but I was sure to be consistent in my knitting so they at least match. The problem with the pattern is, the decrease instructions go something like, "k2, p1, p2tog, knit in rib to end of the row." Well, you've just taken away a stitch, so I no longer have an even rib pattern--do I just continue k2p2, which seemingly would throw off the ribs, or do I knit the stitches as they appear? Let's be clear here, pattern writers! I opted for knitting the stitches as they appeared, and that seems to have been a good choice. I'm hoping against hope that I can finish the front tonight, but I think tomorrow is more likely. Mom's birthday is Friday, so if I want her to have her gift at any date close to her birthday, I don't really have time to frog the back and redo it . . . Decisions, decisions.