hey, look at that, i have a blog!

I really didn't forget, I have just been so busy for the last week, mostly with furiously knitting the socks for my Dad--which still aren't done, so why did I bother?
I finished up sock #1 of the pair last night. It looks a bit on the small side, but I'm going to block a bit to stretch out the heel (which came out quite snug) and then hope that since the yarn has some elastic, they'll fit. The smart thing to do would've been to take some measurements, I'm sure, but then it's hard to make a surprise gift, isn't it? The socks are big on my foot, and my Dad isn't an especially big guy, so hopefully it will all work out. Or, he can hang them up for Christmas . . .

It's beautiful, if I do say so myself, the pattern on the leg turned out quite well. My only problem was myself (as usual!)--at some point I lost track of RS and WS, so when I started knitting in the round again after picking up stitches, the pattern was on the inside of the sock! Oops. Of course, I didn't notice this until a few rows later, so I had to rip out an hour's worth of work and start again. I have high hopes for avoiding this mistake on sock #2.
Today is an historic day--I knit on the Metro for the first time! Well, I didn't so much knit as cast on for sock #2 and divide the stitches. But that's something. It actually almost didn't happen, as I managed to scatter my DPNs all over the platform trying to remove the pattern from my pseudo-knitting bag. And it's Washington, so not a single person tried to help me pick them up. ;o)