a breather

I've taken a short breather from knitting this week, in an attempt to recover from my two most recent yarn disasters, as well as to focus on starting my new job. The job is good so far, everyone is nice and I haven't been overwhelmed with work right off the bat.
The most difficult part is getting used to working in an environment that is primarily Spanish-speaking--it's strange to hear almost no English for 8 straight hours (well, being in the U.S.; I never think it's weird to hear no English in Nicaragua, Peru, etc., obviously). People are very willing to speak to me in English, but I think I prefer using Spanish, it's good practice (of course, I'm sure they feel the same way about using English)! On the downside, by the end of the day I get so used to speaking in Spanish that when I arrive home, I almost forget to switch back to English (and hubby doesn't speak a word of Spanish).
I also find it weird to hug and kiss your coworkers hello, but I understand that that is very normal within Latin American/Spanish culture, so I just have to get used to it. ;o)
It feels like so long ago, but Tuesday I got a special surprise email from my One Skein exchange knitter! I was really excited--I'll admit, I was somewhat worried that no one was knitting for me because there are a few Kristens in the group and the possibility of everyone thinking they were assigned another Kristen seemed very real. But no worries now, as someone is definitely knitting for me, and she seems very nice. :o)
So, I've made it through my first half-week at work, and now I can relax a bit. Today I plan to cast on for the front of the A.S.S. (hee!) and see if that goes any better than the back. Monday I should be receiving my KnitPicks order so I can get started on my Dad's birthday socks and Chapeau Marnier. Maybe next week I will give knitting on the Metro a try . . .