again, i have no pictures

I know, I suck. I swear, I will post some pics in my next blog!
I finished up the A.S.S. front on Tuesday night. It looks pretty great! It's not perfection, but I am satisfied with it. I've decided that I will not be frogging the back, I'm just going to let sleeping stitches lie and focus on how great the front looks. Not to mention, most of the wonky stitches were on/near the edges, so they'll be hidden in seams or under the arms, etc. So, the plan is to block the pieces on Friday night--since they're ribbed, they don't need much, I just want to make both pieces about the same size--and seam everything up on Saturday, ultimately gifting it to my Mom on Sunday. My only concern now (well, besides seaming, which is always frustrating) is that the neck hole won't be large enough for Mom's head to get through. I used a supposedly-flexible bind off for the front (a decrease bind off, which, frankly, didn't seem all that much stretchier than my usual bind off--I'm really bind off impaired), but the back was a regular plain Jane bind off. I guess I'll find out soon enough if the sweater is actually wearable! And then--THEN!--I will have pictures, either of someone wearing the sweater, or someone stumbling around with a sweater halfway over her head . . .
Yesterday I took a break from knitting--I actually brought my knitting to work, thinking about knitting away my lunch hour, but I forgot the stitch markers that I need for Chapeau Marnier-- and tonight I'm going out after work, so it looks like I won't start tackling the hat or Dad's socks until this weekend. I'm annoyed with myself, since I'm kinda on a deadline for both, but I really blame the A.S.S. for being so overly-dramatic.
Less than a month until I mail off my knitting to my One Skein Exchange buddy. I want to come up with some goodies to include with it, any ideas?
Also, I checked in with Ravelry yesterday--only 900+ people are in front of me in line! Sounds like a lot, but it used to be 3,000 or so! Come on, invite!!