the one skein exchange has arrived!

I got my knitting "assignment," the name of the person I will be knitting for in the one-skein wonder swap. I'm so psyched to get started! Of course, first I have to figure out what on earth to knit. My knittee (?) lives in a warm-ish climate, so I don't want to pick anything too wool-y. And of course, whatever it is has to be from one skein. I also don't have any size information, so it can't be anything too size-dependent (I was thinking hat, but what if my knittee has a particularly large head? I would feel bad sending someone a hat they couldn't actually wear!). Hmmm . . . I probably won't post too much info on here about my project, just in case my knittee is a closet fan of my blog (ha ha! As if!), but if anyone has any fantastic one-skein suggestions, please let me know!

I also wanted to take a quick second to thank everyone for reading my blog, and thank the people who have left comments. I really appreciate them! Unfortunately, I haven't figured out the protocol for "commenting" back. Do I just go to someone's blog and leave a comment in return? What if they don't have a blog? Is there some secret way to send people a message through blogger that I'm unaware of? Clearly blogging is just too complicated for me. Sigh.