i am in love . . .

So believe it or not, I've already finished my one skein wonder shrug! And, let me tell you, it is adorable. I just love it; it's a bit itchy, but I can't wait until it's cooler so I can wear it. Here are the photos:

The whole time I was knitting I couldn't figure out how on earth this pattern was going to make sleeves when there was no knitting in the round and no seaming. It's pretty clever--you bind off the sleeve stitches, and then continue knitting the lives stitches around them. So you don't have "real" sleeves, just caps, which I happen to love.
This is my first "real" article of clothing, and I'm so proud of it! At first I was surprised by how tiny it was, but blocking helped stretch it a bit--and of course, it's a shrug, so it's really just supposed to cover your shoulders. I think this pattern could be fiddled with to make a cute cap-sleeved cardigan, but I really know nothing about tweaking patterns, so I don't think I'll try it.
In other news, KnitPicks, sadly, has disappointed me. I was all ready to buy my CotLin yarn on July 11, but alas, I discovered that the release date has been pushed back! Now I have to wait until July 27, which doesn't give me much time to knit for mom's birthday--especially since I'll be starting a new job on August 1! So I'm mulling over the idea of using a different yarn . . .
I got a fantastic knitting book from the library, Knit 2 Together. I love almost every pattern in this book. Of course, most of them are far, far too advanced for me . . . but I can't wait to give them a try! I'll definitely be purchasing this book ASAP.
And yay, by Monday I will have my knitting swap buddy from my myspace group.