Knit gifting--the suspense!

Here we are, arm warmer #1.

Once I got the hang of the twisted stitches, this really became a quick project. I'll cast on the second one today and hopefully have it done by the end of the weekend. This one is so soft and comfy, I keep trying it on and then feeling guilty about stretching it out. I'll definitely be knitting a pair of these for myself--I have perpetually cold hands.
But now I've run into a new problem. I said earlier that these will be a Christmas gift for my sister. But now that I've got one done and it looks so pretty, I desperately want to give it to her now! Nevermind that it's been 90+ degrees every day this week and she would have no use for them for months. . . . But, we've got many months to go until Christmas, so I guess they'll just be sitting here, staring at me. Which leads me to another dilemma--what to do with all of these FOs until the appropriate gift-giving event arrives? I've got to figure out some place and some way to store them--hopefully away from hungry moths. Hmm...