Errata and FAQs

Occasionally mistakes make their way into patterns, despite my best efforts and the efforts of my very skilled test knitters and tech editors! When errors are discovered in a self-published pattern, a revised version of the pattern is created and delivered to all buyers via Ravelry. However, unfortunately it's not possible to deliver corrected patterns automatically to buyers through other websites where MPD patterns are sold, or through 3rd party publishers.

Please find below a list of corrections and FAQs related to current MPD patterns.

If your issue is not addressed here, please email me (mediaperuana at gmail dot com) for pattern support.

When viewed or printed in black-and-white, the pattern repeat in the Abrigado chart, which is outlined in red bold, isn't visible.
When working from the chart, repeat stitches 1-48 3 times (144 stitches total) before working the last 3 stitches, 49-51. 

Some crafters find the edging a bit tricky; please visit the tutorials page for a specific video tutorial on Miraflores.